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For the British it is called VW Panelvan, in the USA it is known as VW Bus, in South Africa as Campervan and in Brazil as Kombi. In Italy it has always been called a Volkswagenopsure Westfalia minibus, from the name of the camper builder. So many names? Yes, because in Germany, in a world that did not yet know the concept of globalization, from the early sixties the Transporter T1 (then T2 with the single-piece windshield and the glasses of the descending doors) was produced in Brazil, Peru , South Africa, Thailand, Pakistan and Turkey for a total - at least for the first T1-T2 series (today we are at the T6) on Maggiolino mechanics - of over 10 million specimens. Because he is then reborn in futuristic self-guided prototype prototypes with the name of Bulli, he is soon explained: in the German-speaking world, "Bulli" has always been his name, a contraction of BUs and LIeferwagen (van).


Bulli's production in Brazil ended in December 2013 (in the rest of the world it had moved to new models with more modern bodywork and front wheel drive), the passion for the Volkswagen minibus did not fall.

Just a network search to find out who has been using it since 2013 to cross the American continent from Brazil to Alaska and who instead publishes a real videotutorial about restoring and transforming a Panelvan of 1955.