Description and details

and here we are at the interview ...

What do you know about the history of the car from new?

 This VW BAY WINDOW DOKA 1973  is a perfect example of a survivor thanks to the loving care of the previous owner. Manufactured in Germany  and sold new on the Island of La Palma, in Spain in December of 1973. This Doka has always been used by a woman to transport vegetables, from her husband's cultivated fields to the island markets. In 2015 he was parked in a barn until our find.

 This CREW CAB preserves the original gray paint (code L 345) and the beige interioris. Some parts were later retouched with L345 paint such as the driver's door.This DOKA is sold with the original rims and also with the 17 "Fuchs Rims both with tires. Power is from the believed numbers-matching 1.6-liter air-cooled flat four mated to a 4-speed manual transaxle routing power to the rear wheels. After the purchase, in order to make this "commercial" vehicle more attractive, we applied SERVICE PORSHE stickers on both ports and Fuchs 17 "rims with 215/40 / R17 lowered tires. This Doka is now in Santa Cruz De La Palme, Spain with valid technical inspection, with Spanish documents in the name of my company.


How original are the vehicle?

 This vehicle is in 100% original condition. It is sold with Fuchs wheels and also its original wheels. Porsche logos are adhesive and easily removable.



What issues or problems does it currently have?

 This CREW CABIt is a very well preserved vehicle and suitable for easy restoration, a vehicle for amateurs, an easy project to unite family and friends. An easy renewal that can be performed even by the less experienced.

This DOKA is in excellent body condition, needs some touch-ups of paint and has some small graff (as shown in the photos). The interior is in good condition but the sky is slightly bored at the rear and the rear seat needs to be reinforced. The door panels are to be changed, as are the glass panes. The bottom has no oxide, the mechanics is 100% as much as an engine or as general mechanics. A coupon was executed 1000km ago.


Is there any rust present? If so, where is it located?

 There are slight presences of surface rust on the rear hooks and on the fender drip (as clearly shown in videos and photos) 


How extensive are service records? 

Before our owner, no, but from the conditions in which we met him, we can be sure that the previous owner took care of him.


How long ago was the last service? What work was done?

We have overhauled brakes, mechanics, engine, steering and electrical parts 1000 km ago. All these parts are in perfect condition.